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Advanced Nutrients - Overdrive

Advanced Nutrients - Overdrive

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Discover the game-changer for your flowering plants—Overdrive by Advanced Nutrients. Specifically designed for the final trimester of growth, Overdrive is your go-to premium liquid flower enhancer, guaranteed to maximize your plant's potential in those crucial last weeks before harvest.

Our specially formulated Overdrive booster contains an optimal blend of phosphorus, potassium, and catalytic agents, aimed at supercharging your plant's nutrient uptake. This powerful concoction helps your flowers and fruit rapidly add girth, taste, and weight, enhancing not only their size but their quality as well.

Incorporating Overdrive into your plant care routine can lead to harvest weight and size gains of 9-23%. But the benefits don't stop at size—Overdrive's growth accelerators foster the creation of internal floral structures and compounds, boosting your crop's aroma, taste, and potency, significantly raising its market value.

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