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Advanced Nutrients - pH Perfect - Connoisseur Grow - Part B

Advanced Nutrients - pH Perfect - Connoisseur Grow - Part B

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Dive into a nutrient breakthrough with "Advanced Nutrients - pH Perfect - Connoisseur Grow - Part B". This product, the crown jewel of Advanced Nutrients' lineup, is crafted explicitly for the discerning grower who has surpassed ordinary results and now aims for the pinnacle of horticultural success.

Why Choose Connoisseur Grow - Part B?

  1. Balance-Free pH Technology: Bid adieu to manual pH adjustments. With our proprietary pH Perfect Technology, your solution remains within the ideal pH range, guaranteeing plants thrive in their "sweet spot". No more pH meters or adjustments - we've automated the process for you.
  2. Cutting-Edge Chelation: This product's robust chelation technology ensures nutrients are more accessible to the roots, enhancing overall plant health and yield.
  3. 5-in-1 Unique Formulation: With Connoisseur Grow - Part B, you’re essentially getting five products in one bottle - Wet Betty, H-2, F-1, Amino Acids, and the revolutionary pH Perfect Technology.
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